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Innovations & Technology

Technologically Advanced Health Care Services

Saint Johnsville Rehabilitation and Nursing Care, Inc. provides a complete range of services from 24-hour long and short term skilled nursing care, to outpatient rehabilitation and urgent care services for patients of all ages. Our team of dedicated, licensed medical providers and specialists are here to provide your complete health care needs.

Becoming more efficient with documentation and medical records has reduced errors and streamlined our services. Our staff has adopted the use of electronic hands-free nursing voice assistants that aid nursing staff to facilitate an even more efficient workflow.

"We're a small country nursing home that you wouldn't typically find working with leading-edge technology," says St. Johnsville Rehabilitation and Nursing Center Administrator, David Wallace. "However, this technology allows us to provide better care with a proactive approach to process improvement and preventing errors. When an issue is alerted by one of the systems that are used to promote quality, we can immediately address the issue, then tie in training for the nursing staff to correct it, thus improving the quality of our care."

Other Technologies


With PointClickCare, our staff has everything pertaining to a specific patient's medical history with us in one electronic health record. Using both laptop computers and mobile devices, our staff document the most up to date health records for every patient so that we have information at the point of care when it is needed most, all of which improves work performance and helps us deliver the highest quality of care.

Direct Supply TELS

As important as keeping our patients in good health is, we also work hard to keep all of our health care equipment in proper working order. TELS is a new technology that allows our staff to:

  • Schedule routine and preventative maintenance on machines
  • Keep our facility compliant with environmental regulations
  • Keep staff and residents safe
  • Quickly track equipment
  • Secure physical assets

By taking advantage of the technology available to us today in the health care industry, we can continue to stay compliant, increase our productivity and efficiency, and continue to provide the best health care available to the residents in the St. Johnsville, NY, area.

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